Magyar Felsőoktatás 2012Hungarian Higher Education 2012

'Hungarian Higher Education 2012' conference

Location: Corvinus University of Budapest

Date: 23 January, 2013

The fifth workshop organized by the CUB CIHES discussed the year 2012 from a governmental, institutional and research point of view, highlighting the most important moments and looking ahead to the next period. The subtitle "Survival Strategies" is meant to emphasize the difficult situation the higher education has to adapt to in the future as well. This is the first time that an internationally recognized education researcher has been invited to the conference, who confronted the participants with the European challenges.

The detailed program can be viewed here.

Strategic progress report 2012 (József Temesi - Ildikó Hrubos - József Berács)




I. section

Zoltán Maruzsa (Ministry of Human Resources – State Secretariat for Education): Perspectives and new order of admission process in higher education

Barna Mezey - Éva Sándorné Kriszt  (Hungarian Rectors’ Conference): Education 2012: Scenario for development

Ulrich Teichler (Kassel University)Discussions on Future Scenarios of Higher Education


II. section

Ildikó Hrubos: (Corvinus University of Budapest):  The concept and practice of sustainable universities in Europe

Gábor Péceli (Budapest University of Technology and Economics): Strategy options for research universities

Péter Szabó (János Kodolányi College): Organizational development and cost efficiency at private higher education institutions