Abstracts & PresentationsAbstracts & Presentations

Abstracts & Presentations

Papers presented at the conference

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Teaching & Disciplinarity

László HORVÁTH (Eötvös Loránd University): Cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary collaborations in higher education

Zoltán BAKONYI (IFUA Horváth & Partners Consultants) – Tamás ÜRÖGI (IFUA Horváth & Partners Consultants): Success factors to implement digital transformation in education - CANCELLED

Károly KISS (Corvinus University of Budapest): The future of universities - The need for introducing multidisciplinary subjects

Miklós NEMÉNYI (Széchenyi István University) : Quo Vadis agriculture in the age of Artificial Intelligence? Challenges in education and extension activity - CANCELLED

Venkat BAKTHAVATCHAALAM (Plymouth University) – Mike MILES (Plymouth University) – Maria de Lourdes MACHADO-TAYLOR (Centre For Reserach In Higher Education Policies): Evolution of Coimbatore’s Engineering Institutions: Current challenges and future directions

Viorel PROTEASA (West University of Timișoara) – Costin BLEOTU (Databus Systems) – Silvia FIERĂSCU (Central European University): The employability of university graduates: addressing the information gap using a big-data approach


System Level Reforms

Șerban OLAH (University of Oradea): The Investment in Higher Education and Economic Growth in Europe

Jerzy WOŹNICKI (Polish Rectors Foundation/Warsaw University of Technology) – Iryna DEGTYAROVA (Polish Rectors Foundation): Current trends in higher education governance in Poland

Simona TOROTCOI (Central European University): Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees: One and the same thing? A case study of implementing the degree system in Romania

Fjolla KACANIKU (University of Ljubljana): The Influence of the Bologna Process on the Development of Quality Assurance Mechanisms in Higher Education System in Kosovo: Prospects and Challenges

Pusa NASTASE (Central European University): Obstacles and challenges to university fund-raising in Romanian universities

Internationalization in Higher Education

József BERÁCS (Corvinus University of Budapest/John von Neumann University) – Gábor NAGY (INSEEC) – Ágnes SOMOSI (John von Neumann University): Student mobility and their strategic fit to international trade activities of nations: An empirical analysis

Linh TONG (Central European University): Successes mixed with challenges when combining Higher Education Internationalization with Diplomacy - A case study of Hungary’s Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program

Kata OROSZ (Central European University) – Norbert SABIC (Central European University) – Emoke KILIN: Hungarian Higher Education Institutions’ Response to the Prospect of Brexit

Judit LANNERT (T-TUDOK Center for Knowledge Management and Educational Research) – András DERÉNYI (Institute for Educational Research and Development): Internationalization in Hungarian higher education. Recent developments and factors of reaching better global visibility

Georgina KASZA (Tempus Public Foundation): Integration of International Students at Higher Education Institutions in Hungary. From Students’ Perspective


Quality Assurance, Teaching and Learning

Bálint BEDZSULA (John von Neumann University): Organization development based on measurable data in higher education

Ádám HÁMORI (Educational Authority): Factors of Vulnerability of Hungarian STEM Students: Identifying some key dropout factors in social background and study conditions

Erika TÖRÖK (John von Neumann University) – Róbert PAP-SZIGETI (John von Neumann University): Input Survey on Competence Aiming to Support Students’ Efficacy

Zsuzsanna Eszter TÓTH (Eötvös Loránd University) – Vivien SURMAN (Budapest University of Technology and Economics): Service quality measurement and evaluation in higher education - Developing a service quality framework for a special type of course


Research & Development

Aleš VLK (Tertiary Education & Research Institute) – Otakar FOJT (Tertiary Education & Research Institute): R&D Policy in Visegrad countries

Jan CIEŚLIŃSKI (University of Białystok): Impact of research output on financing higher education institutions in Poland

Jiri MUDRAK (Czech Academy of Sciences) – Katerina ZABRODSKA (Czech Academy of Sciences) – Katerina MACHOVCOVA (Czech Academy of Sciences): Publications in international impacted journals as a measure of academic performance: Perspectives of Czech excellent and non-excellent academics


Professional Development 

Zsuzsanna Eszter TÓTH (Eötvös Loránd University) – György ANDOR (Eötvös Loránd University) – Gábor ÁRVA (Budapest University of Technology and Economics): Experiences of a university peer review of teaching program

Gulsaule KAIRAT (Eötvös Loránd University) – Orsolya KERESZTY (Eötvös Loránd University): Mentoring as a means for professional growth and development in higher education: The case of Kazakhstan

Ayelet GILADI (The Hebrew University) – Hannen MAGADLH (The Hebrew University): Training Bedouin Women for the Workforce as Educators in the Pre-School Sector

Agnes LEYRER (Central European University) – Monica JITAREANU (Central European University): Acquiring teaching experience in non-familiar higher education environments